Grow Movement

About the client

Grow Movement alleviates poverty by engaging remote volunteer consultants to transfer business skills to Africa’s entrepreneurs.

Task and challenge

It was clear what we needed to focus on, for this new version of the website. The main purpose of the it is to provide information about the Grow movement initiative and to give access to a functioning and easy to use donation form.
Moreover we identified the problems on the old website – main issue was the user experience design. We ran a few user testing sessions where we had an interesting results. Users were dropping out and even if they wanted to donate they were not able to do so because of either missing information or not working donation form.
The goals for the new website were clarified – provide users enough valuable information showed in a compelling way, create a functioning donation page and build an easy to use navigation.

Work process

Research -> stake holders interviews and user testing sessions -> wireframing -> prototyping -> development-> testing -> go live

My work

Setting the website architecture – sitemap and user flow. Wireframing, User experience design, setting website style guide, Ui design and high-fidelity prototypes.

Key words

WordPress website, web design, website architecture, user experience design, user interface design, style guide.


This project was part of my collaboration with Brainbrokers – a London based digital marketing agency.


The new website architecture was designed to help both users and search engines navigate the Grow Movement website easily.

grow movement sitemap

Pages and components

To have a consistent website I created a system of components – cards, information blocks and styles. All of the components are able to be combined or slightly adjusted so they could fit in another arraignment.

donation page

Website Style Guide

The style guide was inspired by some traditional objects and colours for the regions were Grow Movement is doing their services.

typography_style guide
colour palette
buttons style

Aesthetics of the website and elements

A combination of illustrations, colourful graphics and original pictures taken from real Grow Movement user cases. Since there was a huge amount of information it was crucial to have an easy to understand visual presentation. All of the graphics and components were chosen to help the content to stand out.



“The content is the king” was 100% true for this project. As this website is one of the explanation materials for the initiative of Grow it was really important to have valuable and relevant content.

End results

We’ve reached the project goals and the website is performing 100% better than the previous one. Grow Movement can now present in a compelling way their mission and continue doing it with the help of donations.  


Thanks for watching!