Website redesign for Grow Movement

About the Redesign

Grow Movement alleviates poverty by engaging remote volunteer consultants to transfer business skills to Africa’s entrepreneurs.

The main purpose of the website was to provide information about the Grow movement initiative. Also to give access to a functioning and easy to use donation form. The other objectives for the new website were clarified – provide users enough valuable information showed in a compelling way, create a functioning donation page and build an easy to use navigation. 



Website redesign

Art direction

UI kit



Business consultancy


The new website architecture was designed to help both users and search engines navigate the Grow Movement website easily.

grow movement sitemap

Pages and components

To have a consistent website I created a system of components – cards, information blocks and styles. All of the components are able to be combined or slightly adjusted so they could fit in another arraignment.

donation page

Website Style Guide

The style guide was inspired by some traditional objects and colours for the regions were Grow Movement is doing their services.

typography_style guide
colour palette
buttons style

Aesthetics of the website and elements

A combination of illustrations, colourful graphics and original pictures taken from real Grow Movement user cases. Since there was quite alot of information it was crucial to have an easy to understand visual presentation. All of the graphics and components were chosen to help the content to stand out.


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