New website for an HR consultancy company

About the client

Lace partners is a Global HR consultancy company based in London. Equipped with a pioneering mix of HR specialists and progressive technologies their share a passion and belief that people hold the key to unlock company value.

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The Task

was clear – completely redesign of the old product. The client wanted an impressive art direction and an unusual, modern new website. Moreover, end result needed to be compliant with the needs of every user. Therefore the design was made according to the web accessibility recommendations.

My work

  • Website redesign and web optimization
  • Website architecture
  • Art direction & Styleguide
  • Ui kit & custom iconography
  • Web optimized interactions and animations

Project overview

Follow the work process

Site map

The old structure was completely recreated and new user flow and navigation built with a focus on more balanced and easy to navigate website.



Sketching and wireframing were crucial for the success of this project.


Website styleguide

The visual language was designed to work nicely and to be accessible to people with disabilities. During the work process, I was always consulting the decisions about choosing colours or particular elements with Initiative


lace website typography

Colour palette

Primary Buttons

Secondary Buttons

green ovals

Components and modules

Colour combinations - contrast

Font colours

lace font colour

Custom icon set

Final prototypes




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